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Investors in Germany enjoy other advantages through the use of PI, such as:


  • Protection from §314 VAG

  • 50% tax bonus at payout (12/62 condition)

  • all funds and ETFs (approx. 35Tsd possibilities) - guaranteed!

  • Cooperation with various custodian banks (e.g. AAB, FFB, V-Bank and LLB)

  • Different policyholders and insured persons possible

  • free of withholding tax

  • digital suitability test


Investors who use the PI enjoy tax benefits otherwise unheard of when investing directly in funds. The PI combines direct fund investment with fund-based insurance bond in one contemporary solution, offering the same advantages as a fund based bank account, while also enabling investors to secure/adjust their investments free of withholding tax. The result is a +20% higher investment payout amount when compared with a direct bank-based mutual fund investment. See our latest comparision between direct investment and insurance bond based investment here (withholdung tax, income tax, capital gain tax, church tax, account fees and transaction fees have been taken into account).

Questions? You can find your contact person here.

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