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Inheritance & Donation

Inheritance & Donation

With the digital, withholding-tax-free ProtectInvest (PI) insurance bond account, your client can resolve the issue of inheritance & donation simply, cost-effectively and unbureaucratically. With PI, clients can pass on their assets to third parties extra-testamentary and still keep their "hands on the assets". Thanks to the pre-emptive right, policyholders decide who should receive what share of the assets in the PI or to whom these assets should be passed on, should the worst happen. With the optional Termfix clause, policyholders additionally control the precise timing of the payment to the beneficiary/ies.

In PI, your clients can use up tax allowances and thus significantly reduce inheritance & donation tax. Has your client already exhausted these tax-free amounts? With the usufruct of the ProtectInvest, you can provide your clients with additional tax advantages.

 You can request further information on the following solutions with PI here:


  • Premium donation

  • Inheritance by means of pre-emptive right

  • Usufruct

  • Mobilisation of real estate assets

  • Insolvence protection


You can order our information flyer on the subject of "Inheritance & Donation" here.




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