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Investments in CHF, GBP, USD etc. possible

In ProtectInvest we deliver any fund/ETF in any currency you wish.

digital application and inventory management

Applications and holdings are managed digitally. Changes of fund, address changes, etc. can be handled with just a few clicks.

Bankruptcy protection: fund assets = special assets

The PI protects assets in Liechtenstein against insurance bankruptcy.

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all funds and ETFs (approx. 35 thousand possibilities) - guaranteed!

With open-invest we offer one of the largest investment platforms for funds and/or ETFs in the EU. You have access to over 35,000 funds (incl. Dimensional) and ETFs. Both worlds, managed portfolios/strategies and/or funds/ETFs, can be combined with each other as you wish. It is also possible to submit existing funds from e.g. Deka, Union and Co.

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Stop-loss system, incl. currency monitoring
Our exchange rate and currency monitoring system autopilot monitors the plants daily and intervenes automatically if necessary. In addition to the stop-loss order, the tool offers further options. Top product partner with top rating. Let us convince you of the high level of security and the advantages of the PI.


Swiss franc policies possible

Upon request, the policy can be issued in Swiss francs. We provide you with all the data you need for valuation in EUR or other currencies at the touch of a button, free of charge.


Online account/deposit inspection 24/7

All important information on the contracts is available online, 24/7.

many managed portfolios

ProtectInvest offers you a variety of managed portfolios/strategies from different asset managers. The addition of classic funds/ETFs is also possible.


No cancellation discounts

Withdrawals, in whole or in part, are possible at any time without cancellation charges (EUR 30 handling fee).


Fund check


Do the client's investments still match the originally selected risk profile? We check this for you automatically every year.

from EUR 5000

From EUR 5,000 you can use ProtectInvest with our managed portfolios. From EUR 10,000, the funds in ProtectInvest can be freely selected.

Protection against §314 VAG

With the help of §314 VAG, the German supervisory authority can temporarily prohibit all types of payments from life insurance policies such as repurchases (terminations), withdrawals, loans, etc. The obligation of a life insurance company can also be reduced by the supervisory authority.

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free of withholding tax

With the PI, your customers in Germany can earn up to 20% or more in maturity performance, as neither Abgeltungssteuer nor Vorabpauschale payments are due during the term (12/62 rule).

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50% tax bonus at payout (12/62 rule)

With the PI, you benefit from tax advantages that are not available in a classic custody account. In ProtectInvest only 50% of the profits are taxed at the personal tax rate, whereas in a classic custody account 100% of the profits are subject to the Abgeltungssteuer (25% + solidarity surcharge and church tax = approx. 28%). Here you can find a current comparison.

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