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Investment Control

Lack of policy management in unit-linked policies

Unit-linked policies are popular, but who monitors the funds? The fact is that only a quarter of the funds in unit-linked policies deliver significant outperformance. There is not always an ongoing monitoring from the Insurers or IFA e.g. with regard to performance, risk-bearing capacity, portfolio allocation, etc. f-fex comes to the same conclusion in Cash.Online, Ausgabe Februar, 2018 issue.

FMS (Finance Management System) offers the following options:


Fund check

All of your clients' investments  regularly undergo a fund check/investment check. The system checks whether the investments of the policies still match the customer's specifications (risk class, target market, etc.). If there is a need for action, you IFA will be informed automatically.

autopilot (optional)


Protect your clients' investments from losses with the automatic dynamic stop-loss system.


With our Drip Feeding option, we invest your single premium over a period up to 12 months in the investments of your choice thus taking advantage of the fluctuations and volatility of the markets.


Our Take-Profit option automatically secures your profits by shifting these  into lower-risk investments, thus protecting them from market fluctuations.

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