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The digital, tax-efficient investment insurance bond ProtectInvest!
The digital tax-optimised portfolio ProtectInvest (PI for short) combines the advantages of the insurance and investment world in one product.


By taking out a policy in Liechtenstein, investors enjoy the advantage of the Liechtenstein bankruptcy privilege. Furthermore, the funds in Liechtenstein fund policies form a so-called special fund. With the PI, we offer you an instrument that is unique in the market for secure, flexible and tax-optimised investment.

Info-Video (2 Min.)


Infovideo (2 Min.) ProtectInvest

ProtectInvest offers the best of both worlds

Various managed portfolios/strategies of various asset managers are available to you through PI. Depending on the customer's wishes/needs, these can be combined with one another in PI. With open-invest we offer one of the largest investment platforms for funds and/or ETFs in the EU. You have access to over 35,000 mutual funds and ETFs. Both worlds, managed portfolios/strategies and/or funds/ETFs, can be combined with one another as desired. The investment premiums can consist of cash as well as existing portfolios.


Donation and inheritance through ProtectInvest

With ProtectInvest, your customers can pass on their assets to the next generation in a flexible and tax-optimized manner without losing control over them. You can find more information on this topic here (click).


  • Investments in CHF, GBP, USD etc. possible

  • digital application and inventory management

  • Bankruptcy protection: fund assets=segregated assets

  • all funds and ETFs (approy. 35 thousand possibilities) - guaranteed!*

  • Stop-Loss system, incl. currency monitoring

  • Online-account/deposit inspection 24/7

  • clean Liechtenstein solution possible

  • transfer of existing funds possible

  • Swiss-franc-policies possible

  • No cancellation discounts!

  • many managed portfolios

  • from € 5.000

  • Fund check

*Please note the country specific requirements..


Documents - Information

Printed documents on the PI can be requested here free of charge.


Infobroschure Germany



Infobroschure International (english)


Presentation (short) Germany



Explanatory film ProtectInvest Germany



Explanatory film ProtectInvest International


Printed documents on the PI can be requested here free of charge.

Webinars – Events

For more information, attend one of our free webinars oder events.


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