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Paperless Business

General information

nl360 vertriebs gmbh relies on innovative software solutions for the distribution and administration of ProtectInvest. With FMS (Finance Management System), we enable paperless, fully digital processing and administration of the ProtectInvest withholding tax free insurance bond account.

Fully digital client offer and application process

From the client`s offer, to the suitability and appropriateness check, and the application form, we handle the entire application process, including the signature, completely digitally.

Secure online account access

Via FMS you have access to up-to-date policy and transaction information as well as to investment options and portfolio performance. Further tools such as the conversion of the foreign currency position into policy currency etc. facilitate portfolio management.

Secure online client management

Fund changes, address changes, etc. can be implemented in FMS with just a few clicks.

Continuous automatic monitoring of the investments

Upon request, FMS automatically checks all of the client`s investments. If there are any deviations from the client`s original investment choices, then the IFA is automatically informed in order to take the relevant decisions.

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