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A unit-linked Insurance contract alone is not enough! - Asset protection in Germany

In turbulent times, asset protection becomes a high priority for clients.

A unit-linked Insurance contract alone is not enough! - Asset protection with ProtectInvest

In turbulent times, asset protection becomes a high priority for clients.

Liechtenstein offers the possibilities to satisfy this wish. In addition to excellent public finances and a top rating, Liechtenstein also offers the opportunity to invest assets securely, lucratively and, with our PPLI ProtectInvest, also in a tax-optimised manner or to pass them on to the next generation.

Liechtenstein location

With the Liechtenstein location, your clients secure their assets outside the EU. Both the policy and the associated custody account can be managed in Liechtenstein. A separate custody account with an associated clearing account is opened for each policy, which clients can view online on a daily basis. Every transaction can be viewed online by your clients. Transparency at the highest level!


Through ProtectInvest, one of the largest investment platforms in Europe, your client has access to approx. 35 thousand funds/ETFs and many managed portfolios, regardless of the currency (e.g. US dollar, GBP, CHF etc.). Are you looking for an ETF that invests in physical gold stored in Switzerland? For example, with the ZKB Gold ETF we have the solution for you. We call this "open-invest".

Protection against bankruptcy

  • By means of irrevocable subscription right: By granting the irrevocable subscription right in favour of third parties, e.g. the spouse, the assets are protected from the access of creditors.

  • Before the insolvency of the insurance company: In Liechtenstein insurance policies, the assets are protected by law from the access of third parties. Four weeks after the opening of bankruptcy proceedings, the policyholder can reclaim the cover capital. More information on our website.

Tax optimisation

With ProtectInvest you optimise your clients' taxes at the highest level.

  • Withholding tax: With ProtectInvest you also have access to investment products that were issued in Ireland, for example. These are characterised by a significantly lower withholding tax, which benefits your clients' performance.

  • 15 % partial exemption: With ProtectInvest your clients benefit from the 15 % partial exemption on investment income on unit-linked insurance contracts.

  • Advance tax lump sum: No advance tax lump sum in ProtectInvest

  • Flat-rate withholding tax: No flat-rate withholding tax on fund changes in ProtectInvest

  • 12/62 Bonus: Tax-optimised withdrawal and payout plans after 12 years and the completed 62nd anniversary of the applicant.

  • 100% income tax-free inheritance of assets: With the Whole Life option, your client can inherit assets income tax-free with ProtectInvest.

  • 100% tax-free investment: With ProtextInvest your client can achieve 100% tax-free investment on policy maturity.

Competence Centre Inheritance & donation

Would you like to show your clients how they can pass on their assets to the next generation in the most tax-efficient way possible while still retaining control? Our "Inheritance & Gifts Competence Centre" will be happy to help you with this and other solutions.


With the optional Term-Fix option, your client can decide today who / when should dispose of the assets and under what conditions.

Have we aroused your interest?

Any questions? Your responsible contact person for Germany (click), Austria or International will be happy to assist you.


Markus Graf

Board Member Nucleus Life AG | CEO nl360 vertriebs gmbh

Phone 0041 61 520 00 70 | Mobile 0049 151 533 833 44 | |

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