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Investment optimization with ProtectInvest

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

If you are looking for a perfect investment, you will have to face numerous questions. You’ll be looking for good returns, flexibility, and not too high risk. Of course, no investment is perfect, and there are choices and compromises to be made when investing, even with financial products of high standards. ProtectInvest combines numerous advantages for the private investor.

Product Overview

ProtectInvest combines the advantages of the insurance and investment worlds in one product and is using one of the largest investment platforms in the EU. The platform hosts 35,000 funds, 1,800 ETFs and numerous managed portfolios. Thanks to this nearly unlimited investment possibilities it allows the investor to setp up the investment mix that perfectly suits his needs. The right investment opportunity is thus available to every investor. The product is available for a capital lump-sum investment with a minimum of €5,000 and comes with a fully digital service which allows the private client/investor to manage and keep track of his portfolio al all time through our online access araoud the clock. The access is available on our secure website via you smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. Investors therefore can look into their investment balances at all times and from every locations. Our stop-loss system protects against high volatility and potential losses due to unexpected developments on the stock market. Furthermore our product bears no hidden costs or cancellation fees which would reduce your gains or results of your portfolio performance.

One other of the many advantages of ProtectInvest is that it is distributed thourgh our company based in Liechtenstein. This has numerous benefits, one of the most important being the bankruptcy protection offered under Liechtenstein law. Another very important feature are the many ways to structure your portfolio / investment in regards to inheritance and/or donations at specific periods of the insurance bond. The fact that you can combine between the policyholders, the insured persons and the unlimited amount of revocable and/or irrevocable beneficiaries means that there is always the fitting solution to your needs.

The neutral taxation whil invested within ProtectInvest is of course a very important aspect especially for expats but not only.

Bankruptcy Protection in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein law ensures that your deposits are — put simply — protected against being seizedby any third party at any time and further more the law obliges the liquidator (in case of the bankruptcy of the insurance company) to procced with the transfer of your investment positions to one of your other bank accounts within 4 weeks after the announcement of the begin of the bankruptcy proceedings.

This protection law is unique in the world and differs largely with regulations in other counties as f.ex. Germany where client assets in insurance companies are not segregated and therefore claiming money back in case of bankruptcy could take years and no guarantee would be given that your total assets would be paid out.

ProtectInvest guarantees an attractive vehicle to invest your money safely, even in uncertain times, when the needs for this safety is crucial for the private investor. Be it for your family or for yourself the choice to use ProtectInvest as your investment product that accompanies you lifelong is a perfect and wise choice.

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